Accountability ... what exactly does that mean?


Scripture tells us, "Two are better than one"


An accountability partner would be likened to someone you go to the gym with.  A sponsor is likened to having a personal weight / exercise trainer.


Accountability Partners Guideslines:


  • Pray for each other

  • Are at a similar place in their recovery journey

  • Attend meetings together (usually in the same location, but not necessary)

  • Actively participate in the step workbook lessons

  • Call each other daily (or as routinely agreed)

  • Hold each other accountable with a verbal checking in

  • Encourage each others program

  • Help motivate each other

  • Usually includes 2 to 3 or even 4 people - it's about a network of strong
    masculine relationships where we all are pulling for one another


The Format for Daily Calls Follows the Four A's:


  • ACCOUNTABILITY: each man gives an honest account of your progress in purity and other virtues you are developing as well as your commitment fulfillment from the previous week – or since last call; if you had a great day, please share what you felt helped you most, so we can learn from one another


  • ACTION: report on how you are doing with your resolution / a positive commitment 


  • ADMONISH: short charitable challenge, used sparingly, regarding the sharing / commitment


  • AFFIRM: affirming a brother for progress, a job well done or something specific that inspired you; it is important we receive and accept affirmation for what we do well;