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Let's Be Honest About Filters ... 


In this hyper-sexualized world, whether you are a man, women, child, boy, girl, or even the Pope, none of us were ever meant to be exposed to all the graphics presented to us day in and day out, literally everywhere we go from the check out line in the grocery store to every news, sports and other page of the internet and TV channel.  


If you are even remotely serious about living a life of purity - you must be aggressive in putting this beast to death before it kills you, your work, your life, your marriage, your family, your relationships, your status, your community and even cost you jail time. Sadly, members of Augustine's brothers can account for all of these ... and these are the grim reality we face if this beast is not only contained and managed but put to death in our lives.  


We reccomend a series of free to paid programs to assist you in this.  You may complain about a cost, but let's be honest about how much the time you spend in porn alone is worth to you employer, your family, your God - if a price were to be put on it.


Covenant Eyes - the best at a cost - all phone platforms, tablets, PC and Mac


K9 - free - but free comes at a cost as well - this will severely restrict your access to many things and takes a  more agrressive approach


XXX Church / X3 Watch - imagine a Church that actually goes out into the world to the prostitutes, the porn producers and the actresses alike, and even porn trade shows  to bring them the  message of Christ - Wow!  This paid software works on all platforms and has great accountability tools too.


NOTICE TO IPHONE USERS:  In order to have a safe phone, you must also diable Safari, disable Install Apps, and disable News, and disable Books.  You NEED someone else set retrictions so you cannot turn these back on.  Finally we suggest removing the following apps: facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, snapchat, 4chan, youtube, drudge report or any other app with an inbuilt browser.

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