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Augustine’s Brothers is a support/accountability group for men who struggle with pornography as well as other excessive sexual behaviors. Visit: or send a confidential email to:


Many men try to break themselves of sexual addiction and fail time after time. This is something that cannot be done alone. The chains of bad habits and addiction are heavy but with God’s grace and the support of other men who understand the struggle, you can break the chains! YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You can find the freedom and peace to become the man God created you to be.  Visit: or send a confidential email to


Augustine’s Brothers is for men desiring spiritual growth and support in fostering a life of greater purity/chastity according to one’s state in life.  This group is ideal if you simply struggle with the barrage of our hyper-sexual culture or if you find yourself struggling at a deeper level with porn or other sexually addictive behaviors.  Through confidentiality and accountability, prayer, spiritual study, fellowship, and the Sacraments, we are able to become the Godly men we long to be.  Lives are being changed, healed and restored through this ministry. Come visit us and see for yourself.  Visit: or send a confidential email  

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